Tips for Fluid 2 trainer

Basically I can’t get the power/watts in the game to read 200 watts or greater for more than a few seconds.  According to the watts/kg chart I should be able to expect somewhere around 2.5 w/kg.  That means I need to be able to hold 198 watts for my FTP test.  (I’m 6’2" 79kg)  Obviously this is not going to happen with my current setup.

I adjusted my profile to 5’6" and 140 pounds and was able to get through the short FTP test (had to ignore the warmup that included >200 watts.  By the end of the test I had an FTP of 80.  If I change my weight to 100 pounds I still can’t get to 2.5 w/kg.

I’m wanting to experience the workout and group rides if possible with my current setup.  I know some of the workouts keep the group together.  Just attempting to do the FTP test 3 days in a row has been pretty good training …lol.

I’m thinking of saving for the Cycleops Magnus.

Background; Last years flat century was about 18mph.  Hoping to get back up to 20mph.  Don’t race but I ride in some of their training rides.


Hi Jeffery. I have a Fluid 2 trainer and use it when I’m travelling away from home to Zwift. My experience is it under reports power on Zwift by 30 - 40 watts compared to my power meter. The power meter is accurate as I get the same power as my previous power meter and it’s fairly close to my smart trainer.

Yeah save up for a decent smart trainer. If you can, get a direct drive trainer as these are a lot less hassle than wheel on smart trainers. These require a spindown calibration every ride and after warming up for 10 minutes. The direct drive ones either don’t need a spindown or only need doing occasionally.

One thing to check with the Fluid 2 and Zwift is you’re putting in your weight right and have your units right i.e. metric or imperial. Make sure the tyre is inflated hard. I use 120 psi.

Additionally, make sure the fluid hasn’t leaked. Even a slow leak can cause big differences.

I appeciate the support guys.  I double checked the speed on my garmin head unit and it verified that my fluid 2 (about 8 year old MOL) won’t let me go faster than 14 with a very hard effort.  The fluid 2 is still smooth and works great for HR training or sprinting during commercials, etc.  I traded it in to get 20 % off my new trainer.

The good news is we can close this thread.

I bought a CycleOps Magnus today.  It is totally awesome.  I can ride pretty much just like real life inside of Zwift.  You’re not supposed to love things but…

It’s now fairly easy to keep 180 watts and on my big ring I was able to get up to 400 watts or so.  I should go to bed but I think I’m staying up for the 9:05 group ride.

Ride ON!