New user finding Watts really low

Hi all, I’m new to zwift and smart turbo training in general, I’m loving it but I’m finding my Watts output really low and impossible to meet target even tho I’m in top gear and going flat out! I’ve got an elite novo smart trainer with my giant revolt via my laptop and ant + receiver, any advice appreciated

Hi @mark_edwards and welcome to the forums!

Can you check on how tight you have the trainer against your wheel, maybe it is not enough pressure. Speaking of pressure, make sure your tire is inflated to the proper psi, usually 100 - 120. And do you use a trainer tire?

Let us know if any of that helps.

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Hi, I’m using standard giant tyre at the moment, tyre pressure is good and no slipping,I’m just going to check my tyre size vs what I’m set at on settings, I’ve just done a 30 min training ride which needed 200 Watts for 3 mins, most I could get was 170 flat out in top gear

I’m not familiar with your trainer but doing a search of the forums brings up a lot of threads about the base power being low. It might just be the trainer and how Zwift has it at level 3 for use in the game.

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Just checked, it’s a 700 x35 tyre on a 26"rim so I’m presuming I select 700 x 35 in settings

Your FTP may be set to high. Lower your ftp and do a ftp test to get a more accurate value

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Hi garrie, I’m a newbie, how do I do that? Thank you for your help

This will give some guidance.

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It was set to zero, I’ll do a test tomorrow, thank you garrie

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