Controllers wont connect to companion appe

My controllers will not connect to my companion app. The Companion app is showing that I’m able to connect to the my Kickr trainer and that is all that is showing in the connection box. The controllers are showing up on the Zwift app on my Apple TV but that’s all. I have closed out both apps Zwift and Companion and even uninstalled the companion app off my phone and reinstalled it, thinking that it was an update issue but no such luck. The controllers are blinking blue and just time out not sure what else to do. I’m also on the the same network for both the Companion and Apple TV so that’s not the issue either.
Need help, guidance since I’m lost on what the problem is.

Sounds like the same problem myself and some others have described.


It’s being worked on as a high priority.

has anyone else reported when zwift play does finally connect throught the companion app, i see a big 15 second delay to my power on an apple tv.