Companion app unable to connect

Struggling the last few days with the companion app. I used to connect everything through my phone (Galaxy S22) and then let the Zwift desktop app (Windows on a 9 month old HP) sense everything through the companion/phone pairing. That quit working correctly two days ago.

Now I’ve been connecting directly through Bluetooth to the laptop, which works fine, but sometimes the companion app will connect to my session and pull up the “game”, and sometimes it won’t.

I’ve restarted the router and modem. Uninstalled and reinstalled both Companion App and Zwift desktop app but still having trouble. Anyone else? Any solutions?


Zwift have a dedicated troubleshooting guide on this - see Issues with Zwift Companion App

The most common cause is the phone (device with companion app) using another/different wifi network or mobile data - it has to be on same wifi network as the main device. But if its not that, then the article has several other things listed to check/try

Good luck sorting.