Controllable Trainer on "Elite Turno" isn't displayed

I use an “elite turno” since 2 weeks and have the problem of being the Controllable Trainer
not found. The “Controllable” field is not highlighted in blue.
Unfortunately no trainer is displayed under the search menu “controllable”.
“Power Source” and “Cadence” are highlighted in blue and also the trainer is shown correctly in these fields.
I use ANT + and only a PC.
Why does the “Controllable” field have to be active at all? The Elite Turno can not adjust the Watt values dynamically (keyword ERGO mode)?

Many Thanks you make a great job

Lazy Lutz

Hey Lazylutz, the Elite Turno does not change resistance, so it will not show up in the Controllable section. Controllable means the trainer would change resistance based on gradient or ERG mode.
You can learn more about supported trainers here:

Thanks for writing in! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your quick response.
Ok I understand.
Allow me two more questions: “Why does the blue” controllable field "glows irregularly, yet?
The field should not shine at all?
And,is it correct that in the paired device only “Power Sorce”, “Cadence” and possibly “Heart Rate” are connecting?
I do not have to consider the fields “Controllable” and “Speed Sensor”?
Thank you very much.
I love Zwift, because finally, for over 20 years, I have not been “afraid” of winter training.
And your support is great !!

Glad Zwift is helping you to train in the winter! :raised_hands:

So as long as Controllable says “Not Paired” then nothing is paired to it.
For the Elite Turno you can only pair Power, Speed, and Cadence.