Controllable resistance woes after Windows 10 update

I have a CycleOps(Saris) Magnus trainer that connects via ANT+ to a Alienware Alpha PC. I had been running Windows 8.1 but with Zwift support ending I decided to step up to Windows 10. I did a clean install of Win10 and Zwift. One thing I noticed is that Zwift now “sees” the Bluetooth connection on the Magnus. This did not show up when I was running Win8.1. My understanding is that is only for Magnus FW updates and calibration, not to control resistance. So, I select the ANT+ connection, but resistance is not working. If I stop unpair and re-pair to the ANT+ of Magnus it starts working. Any ideas?

Do you pair the trainer using the ANT fe-c option?

Zwift now “sees” 3 devices for power and resistance control; 2 ANT and one Bluetooth. I dont recall seeing that before and am not sure if its Windows or the last Zwift update. Anyway with the SARIS FE-C option today it seemed to work just fine. Thanks for your help

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