Contacting zwift

(Jules) #1

Anyone else having problems getting hold of zwift support?
I am new to this and joined with a monthly membership of iTunes. Unfortunately it did not show as paid even though iTunes confirmed my membership, so I contacted zwift via the website 3 days ago to which I received a ‘respond within 24 hours’ email. Nothing so emailed again the next day but still nothing. Very frustrating as I have used my 25km and missed out on 2 voxtours rides I had signed in for :cry:. I have now cancelled it via iTunes. I notice the website keeps going down.

(Robyn) #2

This exact same thing happened to me!!! So frustrating! I heard from Zwift and they told me to call Apple as they have no record of purchase…which I did and we went through every troubleshooting thing possible and half an hour later they cancelled the subscription with refund and I went in my newly reinstalled zwift and BAM same freaking problem! I sent zwift another email and heard nothing yet from this afternoon… so I guess I won’t be riding this weekend :sob::sob::sob: I may just cancel with Apple again and buy through website BUT I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO! I already lost two rides, I mean why allow us to buy it on iTunes if it doesn’t work.

(Vincent) #3

Hey all, our support team has been reviewing your cases (@Jules_Haste you should have a reply). Please keep an eye on your emails!