Connectivity problems after game update (Windows 11, Ant+, Wahoo Kickr Core)


The latest game update resulted in severe connectivity problems on my end. Dropping connection via Ant+ which basically makes it impossible for me to finish my training sessions (let alone taking part in races).

Here is my setup:

  • Windows 11
  • Ant+
  • Wahoo Kickr Core (latest firmware)

Connectivity has been a recurring issue and typically changed for the better or worse after each update. This time is has gone from reasonable to bad as shown here:

This is a typical power curve before the latest update:

Also here you see the occasional power drop, but I could live with it. Now it’s a problem.

I remember several instances in the last couple of months where an update would mess with connectivity or other things. Also the latest (June 1st) Android update resulted in weird heart rate averages (like 40 BPM rather than 140BPM), so I had to revert to the previous app version for Android.

I am saying this because I am not happy with your quality management, as with each update you don’t know what you get. Perhaps take this as an honest customer feedback that may (or may not) help you change a few things on your end.


Same here… Zwift activity page shows a resonable avarage, the Companion - 10% of it…

Well, another bug.

Hi @Helge_W

welcome to the forum.

Can you put your log file in and share the link so wee can look and see if we can see something.

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Hi @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ,

Thank you for responding quickly. I appreciate the support.

I have uploaded the game log file as per request:


That’s a display issue, there’s another thread on it. The data is right, it just doesn’t show properly.

So many threads… so many bugs.

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Why does it show 2 Controllable Trainers? How do you pair your devices.


Do you have a old log file before the update.

The file show a lot of disconnects that is usually related to a bad signal or interference.

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My laptop has one built-in bluetooth device and an ANT+ dongle, that is probably why. I started using the ANT+ dongle because after a Zwift update I began to have connectivity issues just like this one. They disappeared for a while after that. I only have one “Controllable”, i.e. my Wahoo Kickr Core, so perhaps I should return the question…

This is the link to another another session:

As for interference, I get that this may be a problem, the log file seems to suggest that. The timing simply coincides with the update like in previous cases, that is what I am writing. Plus I have not changed anything at all.

I could start using the companion app again for better connectivity, but I started using my laptop because the companion app proved to be fairly unreliable.

I would keep using the laptop. Do you have an USB extension cable for the ANT+ dongle. Moving the dongle closer to the trainer will help.

I doubt that it is related to the update, we do not se lots of reports of this issue.

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Alright then. I will try the companion app again and see if that works. I hope it’s unrelated to the update.

Thank you for your support, @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ.

ANT+ should be better than the companion app.


Disable any wireless that you’re not using. If you don’t need Bluetooth because you’re pairing over ANT+ (remembering to always use the FE-C options), then turn Bluetooth off. If you’re able to use ethernet for the internet connection, look to disable the wi-fi card completely to mitigate interference.


As there is no power source i’m guessing one of them is for that.

@Dave_ZPCMR & @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ,

First off thank you for your great support on the topic. Second, I have to admit that I was jumping to conclusions as the connectivity issues coincided with the software update. I apologies for that.

I now checked my 2.4G wifi did not run on the same frequency (channel 10) as Ant+. Turned off all unnecessary bluetooth devices and yes, ensured Zwift uses the FE-C option. Plus I also used an extension cable to move the Ant+ receiver closer to the trainer as suggested.

Turns out the dropouts have reduced significantly and I was able to complete my training session without any issues yesterday morning.

I will also give Bluetooth a try again, because it’s adaptable in the way it picks the frequencies to avoid interference. That is a major drawback of the Ant+ protocol I was actually not aware of.

Again big thank you for your quick help! Zwiftalizer is a great tool that will help me in future should something similar happen again.



If you have the option to stick with 5GHz WiFi that can also help eliminate interference

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I find bluetooth to be more reliable and reacts quicker to gradient changes so might be worth giving it another go.

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