Connectivity nightmare. Subpar experience and no solutions

I am grateful to Zwift as it kept me going during an otherwise very difficult period.
However, as a paid service, after two years I have to say that the unsolved technical issues I keep on facing are subpar and not acceptable.

  • It is impossible to get the companion app to work, it just does not connect. The PC is connected via Ethernet and the phone via WiFi on the same router. Even if I disconnect the Ethernet and force the PC to connect to the Internet via WiFi the situation does not change.
  • There is no way to use my power/cadence meter pedals TOGETHER with the Tacx Flux 2 as a Controllable device. As a workaround EVERY TIME I want to train I have to disconnect the pedals, select the Flux2 as power/cadence meter, select the Flux 2 in the Controllable device list and then change back the power and cadence selection to my power meter pedals.
  • I purchased one of the suggested Ant+ dongles and the connectivity issues are still there.
  • The spindown calibration through Zwift has NEVER worked. Zwift support has suggested to use the Tacx calibration procedure. I just gave in and followed their advice, but it’s like saying “the lights in my hotel room don’t work” - “ok than use a flashlight”…

This is not what I have paid for and I expect Zwift to help me find a solution.
I am happy to open another ticket but want to post my frustration here for other Zwifters to read.