Tacx flux and uploading from zwift


I am having some issues or i haven’t connected my trainer to zwift correctly. I did a ride on zwift with my tacx flux trainer. I selected my trainer as the power source and the controllable. I used my garmin cadence sensor. I do have a 4iii power meter but disconnected it
After doing the ride…i can see it on zwift companion but it says “ACTIVITY DETAILS COULD NOT BE LOADED”. It hasn’t synced with strava, garmin connect and training peaks. Its my first smart trainer so not sure as to what the issue is… the flux worked as it should by adjusting the gradients etc. I have a USB Ant+ dongle to connect to bluetooth

this usually happens when the workout doesn’t save properly at the end of your ride.

zwift autosaves every 10 minutes (i think) and so if it crashes or you lose network when you are trying to save it uploads the latest saved version but this has limited details which is why you can’t view these.

make sure everything is saved before closing down the app or turning your computer/tablet/phone off.

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Why does it not load on garmin connect or strava?

When out were doing your activity did Riders/runner disappear?

Yes they did…but its happened before when i used a basic trainer and a power meter…but it still synced

it depends if you lost your connection as you were trying to save or not.

sounds like your issues are with poor network - try and get a decent wifi signal and see if that helps

Thanks Chris. Will test it tomorrow again

if you look at the activites in the companion app, are the times rounded to the nearest 10 minutes? this will tell you if it is using an autosave instead of the final save.