Connectivity Issues

I have been trying in vain for 3 days to get Zwift software and my Wahoo Blue SC to work consistently.  What’s odd is that my Wahoo HRM and the Blue SC connect and appear to be working fine.  But as soon as I attempt to do the FTP test all I get is HRM and RPM readings.  My rider doesn’t move an inch.  I switched from FTP to just a regular ride and managed to get 3 mintues worth of recording.  I’ve repositioned EVERYTHING…laptop, added the dongle extension and as much as I want to like and use Zwift this is totally discouraging during my trial period.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

Hi Chanette, 

Issues with specific set-ups typically need a lot more information and time to diagnose. A support ticket has been made so that we can try to get you on the FTP test ASAP.  Just keep an eye on your e-mail for further updates.