Connection lost message

After latest update appears the message"connection lost" in superior left corner in the screen, both android and PC. Game keep normal.
Ant+ signal lost for short periods, never happen before in PC.

this was added in the latest update, now if you click on the blue box in the top left corner you go to the pairing screen.

do you have the ant+ dongle on an extension cable so it is right under your trainer?

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Yes, as it already was. Problems begin after latest update. Lost signal with smart trainer and HR.

Check a log file using and see if that shows any issues.


Im having the same issues but my hr Belt and runn sensor is not reconnecting without system restart.
Ant dongle is plugged directly in the usb plug, it worked before.
My garmin watch still receives the values from the Sensors.
Connection is lost after 20min or so. Maybe usb power Management issue?

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Same here (PC), didn’t use to have noticeable dropouts until now but after the latest update my trainer connection has gone nuts a couple of times (wouldn’t connect again until I un+replugged the ANT+ dongle) and my HRM consistently keeps going to – once every minute or two every time I try to connect it via ANT+ so I’ve just resorted to using BLE with it instead (still works fine simultaneously with my bike computer for dual records).


I was in the Neokyo ride this morning and half way through, I noticed my position in the ride was displaying --. Then, I noticed the “connection lost” message and clicked on it, which took me to the pairing screen. Everything was still paired, so I hit returned to the ride. I had been riding with a fast moving group, but even though I continued to pedal, the pairing screen stopped my progress in the ride and I was too far behind the group to catch up. The “lost connection” message was still displayed and my position was still --. I repeated the process of hitting the blue box, which had the same results, so I quit the ride and gave up. Not a good outcome. If this is part of a new update, it needs to be removed or corrected immediately.

That is how the pairing screen has always worked, it immediately puts on the breaks. You don’t have to click on the blue box, maybe the signal will come back within a second or two?

Something is interfering.

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I normally get that warning when my HRM drops out which sometimes happens when I sit up in the saddle.


I am having the same issues never had any problems before today, not very happy, cant get in a decent workout

Hi @Kevin_Wild

Welcome to the forum.

What issue do you have.
Also what trainer do you have I looked at your power graph and it is very noisy.

I have an Elite Drivo 2

Keeps losing connection Gerrie

Does the loosing connection stop your workout or something? Sorry I am trying to understand.

It may be that you always lost connection but it is a new popup from the latest release.

Have never lost connection before, but have noticed the new pop up in grey showing connection as lost

It look like it is your HR monitor that is dropping out


Same problems here today.
Connection disconnected all the time. Other things like wifi in our house are ok.
Never had this message over 5 years of Zwifting, just since the last update.

This message was added in the latest release. It was never in the game. That connection as I understand it is the connection to your sensors (Power, HR and Cadence)

So it could be that you always had a few lost connections and never noticed.

Have an extension cable for the ant dongle. The dongle is under the Neo 2T.

you can use to look at you log files to see where the connection loss is.