Connection issues

 Please improve connection with Zwift.  Zwift lost connection during the 2 Zwift Academy workouts and the first group ride I completed.  On the group ride the lost connection caused me to be too far back to regain connection to the group.  And the 2 lost connections made me fail one of the sections. There must be some way to improve this without forcing people to buy a new “flagship” device every time you update the program.  Also, the “pause button” does nothing during a workout.  Each time I lost connection I pressed the pause button and I stilled failed that section.  Maybe you could add a “lost connection” button that will pause the workout, let you get reconnected, and then resume where you left off.  And for the group rides, let you pickup where you were.  So if you were 10 seconds off of the group, once you resume you will be placed 10 seconds behind the group.  This way it still gives you something to push for.  

I love Zwift but the lost connections are making me love it less.

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing connection issues. We should be able to sort you out. It often comes down to Zwift not hearing frequently enough from your devices. This can be caused by noisy airwaves or weak batteries in different sensors or simply the ANT+ dongle not being close enough to your sensors. 

What kind of trainer are you using? Is it a smart or classic trainer? Are you using ANT+ or BLE connection? If you’re using ANT+, do you have a USB extension cable so that the ANT+ dongle is sitting directly under your smart trainer or your speed/cadence/power meter devices? 


I am using a Cycleops Magnus trainer, Zwift companion on a Samsung Note 4 (plugged in to wall socket) and Zwift running on a windows 7 gaming computer. I am using BLE connection as the computer is in another room. Heart rate monitor is a Wahoo Kickr and power and cadence are through Magnus. Ironically, it is very uncommon for me to lose connection when riding on my own or during a Non Zwift Academy event. You can see my activity log. Any lost connections are noted in the ride name.

Just to be clear, you are using BLE over Zwift Companion app? 

Yes. Thats correct.  I use Steam Link ( to display Zwift on the tv in the room my bike and trainer are in.  Again I do, on occasion get lost connections, but this has been happening 100% of the time on ZA. Also, I forgot to mention (sorry)  when I lost connection,  I tried to “repair” via the menu button, tried unplugging my trainer and plugging it back in.  Then I noticed Bluetooth was turned off on my phone.  (It was previously on for the first 68 minutes of the workout).  I tried to turn it back on but the slider to turn on Bluetooth stayed in the ‘off’ position .  I tried to"force stop" the zwift app, which didn’t work.  I ended up restarting my phone to regain connection.

This is above my pay grade! How good is your WIFI connection from your Samsung? It sounds like your phone/ZC is losing connection with Zwift. The culprit could be your BLE connection.

Can you post your log file here? Someone more technical will need to assist you… 

My wifi connection is strong. The phone is 8 feet from the router. How do I get a log file?

On your PC, to to \documents\zwift\logs. Look for the log files created during your ride and post them to this thread. Someone from the tech team will have to take a closer look. 

_ Eric Min : This is above my pay grade!  LOL_

Mr Deadpool: Can you please take your fit file (the one where you lost connection) and upload it to and post the results. lest see if we can help you. 

I suspect your pc is struggling with the amount of riders in ZA.

I uploaded the log file.  Fit file will not upload on Zwiftalizer.  



Sorry my bad I meant to say Log file.

Looking at your pictures the first thing I see is very low frame rates that can lead to stuttering and even loosing connection. if this is a desktop pc I would suggest upgrading your graphics card. The thing that happen with this big rides is once you get in a big bunch it get very graphic intensive and the pc struggle to keep up.

the other thing is your Bluetooth connection from both sensors dropped , this may be that the PC is to busy processing or there is some interference.

What doesnt make sense to me is that when I lost connection, I noticed Bluetooth was turned off on my phone. (It was previously on for the first 68 minutes of the workout). If it was a framerate issue or interference, why did the Bluetooth turn off? Also, I have used this PC to play numerous games with significantly better graphics and more people playing online and it never has an issue. Furthermore, why did it occur 3 times in a row with ZA when previously it was fine? I have been on Zwift with 1800 other riders it didnt have an issue.