Connection Issue with mipad 5

I bought a Xiaomi pad 5, and I’m trying to associate it with my trainer set up, but zwitf cannot find the trainer.
I downloaded Rouvy thinking it might be the set up, but Rouvy works…
so why is zwift not working?!

Got my Pad 5 yesterday and it works excellent with my setup: “dumb” trainer, 4iiii left crank PM, Garmin cadence sensor, Garmin HR strap, all connected through BT. The graphics performance is really smooth, I wish I could set a higher graphics profile, am sure this tablet could handle it.

Make sure you enable all the permissions - location etc - in the application settings!

I have the same problem

I have the same issue. Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 and Zwift doesn´t detect my Wahoo Kickr Core.
With my phone Xiaomi MI 10 Lite 5G and Zwift, I do not have any problem to detect it.

is location services enabled and allowed for zwift?