Compatibility issues with mipad 5


Recently i bought xiaomi mipad5 and install zwift straight away, however im having problems during the start up, which i cant scroll to the left

Please watch the video for your reference

had the same strange issue and after a long time trying I succeeded in scrolling to the left. Not sure how I managed it, sorry. After that the Mi Pad 5 works perfectly, the problem is just at the beginning screen at first installation.

yeah same here, after hundred times trying to scroll to the left, I managed to go to the login page :sweat_smile:

Good to hear that it worked. Strange bug… Zwift is really nice on this tablet, especially vs my old Galaxy Tab S2. Resolution could be bit higher, but still way better. Enjoy!

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I had the same issue on my brandnew Xiaomi pad 5 yesterday, and at one point in frustration used the whole palm of my hand to scroll left instead of only a finger or two. It worked instantly!