Lagging in Android

I am running Android 8 on a Huwaei Mediapad T5, 4 gig free storage and a 64 gig card installed. 2 gig ram.

Zwift was OK on my android phone, but dead slow on the tablet, like 1 frame a second, riders disappearing etc.

I am new to Zwift and this is unusable. I cant log a support ticket as it says i need a valid email address. i have a really long email address so suspect it is not reading it properly.
I tried one of the chat agents but none are around at the time.

I have tried to add storageand have done a clean reset of the tablet - If i dont get this fixed, I am going to have to cancel my subscription I am afraid :frowning:
Is there a way to fix this or even a way to run a ‘lite’ mode e.g. without shading or something?

thansk james

Does your tablet run other graphics intensive games smoothly? I am guessing not, based on the specs. I hate to say it, but I don’t think this is an Android or Zwift issue - the tablet may simply not powerful enough to run the game. You might want to try running other games to confirm.

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Hi James - have you tried lowering the resolution in the settings to the lowest setting?

I just compared your Mediapad to my TAB S2 and its appears more or less the same spec from what I can tell so should be no worse than my S2 - I dont use it as a daily driver for Zwift but frame rate is more than acceptable (whatever it is).

Hi thanks how do i change the resolution in zwift pls

If riding already, Menu > Settings > Resolution (or similar)

Game resolution can’t be changed by the user on Android (or any platform but PC/Mac AFAIK). :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’ll be … :astonished: Guess that makes sense though.

I just installed it on my phone to check and was going to have a look at a log file in Zwiftalizer to see what the performance was like but the ‘email to me’ function doesn’t work on my Redmi 9 (others have mentioned it on here in the past) and is therefore completely useless. Classic Zwift. :+1:

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Here’s a quick watch of someone else (older Galaxy Tab S2) - low FPS of course but on a small screen, its doable. An event might not be a good thing though …