Android graphics settings


I have a Galaxy tab S4, which I know from some other games is actually capable of some pretty great graphics performance. However with zwift, the graphics are really pretty poor - I assume that is because the app is set up in a way to ensure it works across a broad range of devices. It should at least be as good as the apple TV I think.

Is there a way (or will there be in the future) to set the graphics to a higher level on devices such as the tab S4 that can support it?

I think tablets are a really good to way to use zwift, especially with smart bikes on their way. I move my tablet between my bike and my treadmill.



You read my mind, funny thing is that I tried the app both on my s5 and my S10 and they look exactly the same, I tried a couple games on s10 just to compare and boy, Zwift graphics are very low, specially when you compare them with the PC version, don’t know that is missing, maybe shadows, or particles, or light scattering, is like the graph don’t have anti-aliasing enabled or something.

Zwift staff if you are looking at this, is there any tweak we could do to increase the graphics quality? even if it means doing some tweaks at our own risk?

Thank you!