Samsung Tab s7+

Was wondering if there was any plans to update the graphics for the tab s7+?
It has the power to give it a bit more of a pleasurable viewing experience.


Hi @Scott_Harvey, I agree 100% and I’ve already asked this very same thing before. Hopefully, someone from the Zwift team will tell us whether they are planning to do so or not.


One more request here with s7 that should be the same


What are the issues with the graphics on the s7+? I am new to zwift and currently trying to decide between an iPad pro 11 inch or Tab S7+

No issues at all, it works fine every time, at least for me, (perfect BTconnection to my smart bike and it had never hang up) but we are just asking zwift to improve the detail settings for it as we believe it can deliver even better graphics performance.

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+1 from me as well with a Tab S7.