Increase graphics detail for Samsung Tab S8 ultra

I have just got the Samsung Tab S8 Ultra.
Its the most powerful Android tablet there is.
But Zwift probably regards all Android tablets as one category and mass apply graphics detail profile for all.

The S8 Ultra is 14.6" with a resolution of 2840 x 1860. It looks great but the graphic details are a let down.

Zwift, can you quickly test the S8 Ultra and increase graphics profile, at least for kit details? Max out the details for kits and avatars. The tablet can handle it.

Meanwhile, its an eye sore with a big screen but pixelated kit designs.


You can request this by contacting Zwift support, but it’s unlikely they will do it in the short term. There is a lot of great hardware out there that doesn’t get a good graphics profile. The reasons are typically unexplained. To get the best graphics profile and reasonable frame rates, you must use a PC (or Intel Mac) with fast single-core CPU performance and a dedicated GPU. The GPU must be whitelisted by Zwift to get the Ultra profile, so even some great GPUs don’t qualify if they’re not on the list.


They don’t amend profiles for individual devices like that. Also, show your working.