Zwift on Samsung galaxy Tab S6 lite and S7

Hi All,

I am giving up on my Lenovo P10, its the worst device I have ever owned, constantly crashing with zwift and most other apps.

so I am now thinking about buying a samsung S7 or an S6 lite. I just wanted to confirm that zwift will run fine on either of these Tabs, reading everything its not that clear.


I found a solution, it turns out my several year old laptop has a dedicated graphics card and runs zwift really well. Time to get the bacon dripping on a regular basis!

Despite your having found a solution that works for you Clive (I love it when old hardware comes to the rescue), I thought I would chime in and say that Zwift is mostly working for me on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with 64Gb. The graphics are plenty snappy.

I say “mostly working” because I am having a problem when I minimize the Zwift app to go watch a movie on Netflix or YouTube instead of staring at the Zwift UI full-time. The elapsed timer and other data logging freezes at the time when I minimized the app, and I don’t get credit for kilometers ridden. Oddly, though, the elapsed time in that particular segment of my workout does continue ticking along. But this is an issue for another post.

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It also works fine and very fluid on Galaxy Tab S7+. However, I expected even better graphics because of the newer processor of that tablet. I think the developers can improve this.

You shouldn’t need to minimise zwift to watch netflix. Open netflix first and it will window when you minimise it, then open zwift.

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Thanks, Gordon. I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t even consider changing the order of app instantiation.

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