Samsung tab S6 working well

Quick update my samsung Tab S6 is now working in zwift as good as the tabs S 4. Takes a few attemts to pair but no issues with power or resistance and works well with ERGmode.

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Hi. Is the tab S6 still working ok or have the December updates upset it?

Hi still working no issues what so ever

Excellent many thanks.

Zwift seems to be the only app which is a nightmare to keep up to date with.

They told me only the Tab S4 would run it kept saying Samsung tablets aren’t powerful enough to run it . I couldn’t understand why the S6 wouldn’t.

Even the very early ipad pro will run it.

Seems they aren’t doing themselves any favours. I think if it was my app I’d be making it able to run on most rather than keep updating it so we have to attempt to keep up.

I didn’t want to buy an S4 then find in December it no longer runs.

Thanks again


Hi Paul,

Interested to know if the graphics performance scales, or is it just as rubbish as on the S4?

Hi graphics works fine no issues what so ever same as in tab 6 that matches on the hd tv

Including shadows from buildings / trees etc?

Hi will have chek as on bike in nezt 20 mons cheers

Hi checked and yes get shadows from both trees and buildings