Some Praise - Android Graphics

There is a load of threads on here pointing out what is wrong with Zwift so i thought I’d give some positive feedback.

I was n early adopter to the android version of Zwift and in the early days it was hugely buggy, you couldn’t pair separate power meters, no Ant+ support at all but worst of all the graphics were pretty shocking.

There are still a few bugs (pairing heart rate monitors can be a bit hit and miss for example) but on the whole it is greatly improved, I rarely use the PC version anymore.

The biggest improvement though is the graphics are so much better than they used to be, even on relatively low performance android devices.

I have a £100 android tablet I got from amazon and it works great for zwift and the graphics look really good even with it’s poor processors.


Which tablet did you get, for reference? Be useful to know what runs well at good value.

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TECLAST P20HD - was £100 with a voucher at the time.

I should point out I wanted a cheap tablet to just use for zwift and the odd bit of internet browsing and wanted it to be 4G so i could use it as a mobile hotspot too - If you want something as more of an everyday tablet you might want to spend more!

The graphics aren’t overly smooth but I have low standards so they are fine for me! I have taken it up the alpe and ventop and the graphics showed no signs of the old blocky snow all over the road or grass blocks across the roads either.

I also have used the following with no issues:
Honor View 10 - worked well but couldn’t get it to pair separate power meter and trainer
ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 (Z500M)
Moto G 5G Plus
Moto 8G Plus
Oukitel K6 (cheap Chinese import phone)
Even the Unihertz Jelly Pro - 2.4 inch android phone - wouldn’t recommend this but it worked!! haha

doesn’t work on Moto G6

what can I say - I like cheap tech :slight_smile:

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Thanks, sure I’ve seen a Teclast mentioned on here before. :+1:

Now you talk my language. My first zwift setup was on windows 7 with a Pentium 4. In fact my Zwift still use that PC for Zwift, but now on Windows 10.


i used a Chinese import windows 10/android dual boot tablet to run zwift very happily a few years ago!

I have also used an old android tablet as a usb monitor using the splashtop xdisplay app (works really well and turn tablets into touch screen usb monitors!) for my desktop to get it in front of my zwift setup :slight_smile:

I also like to play around with tech stuff!

You have to be careful with cheap stuff, they all have their limitations, read the specs and make sure you know where they have saved money and if you’re ok without that feature.

also, quality control is a bit hit and miss, i’d recommend using somewhere like amazon, you’ll pay a bit more than getting it direct from China but much easier to return if it is faulty

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If you’ve got a spare screen in the house I really would recommend a second hand Nvidia SHIELD off Ebay or the likes. DO make sure you get a game controller in the deal as you can’t control Zwift just from the SHIELD remote. don’t support Zwift on the SHIELD so they don’t let you download it from the Play Store but once sideloaded it works awesomely on it with Bluetooth connections, and an ANT+ USB receiver is dead easy to set up on it too - just install 3 small apps from the Play Store and plug in.

…and I can confirm too that the graphics do still look pretty reasonable on a 50" screen :smiley: