Android stability and performance

First, thanks for adding support for Android. For me it makes Zwift again more versatile as I can choose between my Mac Book, iPhone and Huawei mediapad.
Second, the Android version seems to suffer from performance issues. When it works (we’ll get to those issues) it seems to update screen every second, making the experience special. Data records Ok and connections to TACX Flow and HR are Ok. Just everything else is very jerky and slow, unresponsive. On my iPhone or Mac it is always smooth and nice, unlike my biking. The Huawei M3 pad is little old, but still runs most games like PUBG very well; I’d expect it to work with Zwift. One alternative is to allow less resolution, it’s the smoothes that I’d value more than extreme detail.
Third, I’ve managed to get one ride out from the Android version. Getting up 6am for my training I must say it’s little frustrating to try to make Zwift work for 10minutes just to do the ride with the iPhone. Small screen etc… it says some zip resource is missing and download attempt has failed. According to Play Store all is up-to/date. What to do?

I think the Android version is at Beta. I’m lucky to have alternative devices, but would be very sorry if this would be my first experience with Zwift.

Ride on Burrito!


Today, after full re-install and clearing caches it works as expected.


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Thank you for following up with us Ville !!

We have had a few isolated reports where users can get into a weird state with an initial install or update. We’ve had one here at Zwift - a fellow employee got that same “Zip missing, attempted download”. When we attempted to repro it, it just worked and we never saw it again.

What I think happens is rarely, users can get an incomplete download from the play store.
It should be guaranteed - if interrupted for some reason, google play services usually just resume without issue.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and commend your perseverance;)

Ride On,
Will Botti
Android Platform Lead

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