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How are you liking Zwift on Android? Post your feedback, questions, and any bugs here.

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Hi. I really enjoyed my ride on the new android app. I’m using it on a Huawei p20. It connected straight to my 4iiii 6800 power meter. The app found my tacx vortex but came up with no signal and would not adjust resistance. When I connected just to the tacx vortex everything was fine but very smooth when reading power. It was not as spike as when reading with the power meter and vortex on my laptop. The elevation read very low but was a lot higher when uploaded to Garmon connect. Also I seemed to be riding the same bit of the course over grass and gravel

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I’ve been seeing a few of these issues with the 4iiii power meter pairing but the trainer wasn’t able to afterwards. Thanks for the details Rob, we’ll investigate!

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Planet Computers Geminin PDA Android.

Zwift runs but when entering username, username goes in as expected in orange outline hightlighted box. Selecting password field. Username field is then erased. Enter password, select username, Password field is erased. etc

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Very happy to have the Android version, quicker zwifting for me now. So here are some of my observations.

My System: Huawei Nova 2i + Stages Powermeter + Heartrate Monitor

  1. Seeing a few riders is okay but when a bunch of other riders join the scene, things get really LAGGY.
  2. I think the FPS is really bad even if there a few riders in the scene.
  3. I keep seeing some FLASHING wherein the roads disappear and some constructions disappear too.

I’m thinking this has something to do with the MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS?

Althought the experience is underwhelming specially about the FPS, I don’t see any problem with the WORKOUT DATA, RIDE DATA being sent to my zwift profile.

Maybe an option in ANDROID to reduce some settings and prioritize PERFORMANCE so that things would run smoothly even though having a lower resolution.


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Hey all, I’m closing this topic so it won’t turn into just a smaller version of the Android feeback section itself. Feel free to repost your replies as new topics.

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