Zwift game on Android Tablet and Companion on Android Phone?

Does anyone know if it is possible to have the Zwift game running on your Android Tablet and the Companion on Android Phone? I have gotten the companion working and linking fine with my windows laptop running the Zwift game, but would prefer to run the game on my Huawei Tablet and the companion app on my phone - but so far have not been able to get this to work ie get the tablet (game) and phone (companion) to link. Has anyone gotten this tablet/phone combo working?

Definitely, I use it this way most of the time. As long as both the tablet and phone are on the same WiFi network, it usually works fine

Cool, thanks Henk. I will persevere with the setup.

Can I just confirm that you use the Tablet app to connect to the trainer etc via bluetooth, and no bluetooth connectivity needed on the companion app?

Yes, I have all the sensors (trainer, Wahoo HR belt and Garmin cadence) connected over Bluetooth on the tablet (Huawei M6, but also worked fine on two other tablets previously).
When I got the new tablet, I did have to check that both it and the phone were on the 5ghz wifi network, and that one didn’t decide to use the other version.

I’ve actually been turning off Bluetooth on my phone, in the hope that it would fix the occasional seemingly random dropouts I’ve been having.