Connection Calamity!

Hi all! I have a Kickr Rollr, XC-100 power meter, Edge 530, and an HRM-Pro. When I go to connect my power source in the Zwift setup menu, FOUR options are available. I have blue tooth and an ANT + dongle
The options for power source are: The Kickr Rollr, the Rally (XC-100), Garmin PWR, and Wahoo FC. Some ANT, some Bluetooth. I figured the rally was right, but it kept losing connection. In addition, I have paired my power meter with the Rollr in the Wahoo app.

I’m just reading on Zwiftinsider that the Rollr connects to a power meter, then rebroadcasts as its own. So do I pair the Rollr option?
In addition, the settings in the Edge allow for ANT or bluetooth - does anyone have any suggestions which one I should use?

So yeah, lots of options, the Rollr option under power source works too, but it keeps dropping the connection. In addition, I have calibrated the XC-100 and set correct crank length, ect.

Can anyone solve these mysteries?? Thanks mates!

So if you just pair to the Wahoo signal the drop outs still happen? Have you tried using Bluetooth?

Yeah I was reading that the Rollr can only pair to power meters using ANT +. I just re-set my XCs to broadcast ANT from Bluetooth. They were originally on ANT.

I’m just not sure now, if I pair the Rollr or the XC Rally as my power source, both work, but they both keep dropping connections :confused:

The roller should be able to take the ant signal and change it into Bluetooth, so the signal going to your zwifting device would be Bluetooth.

Yes, by Roller I mean the Kickr Rollr, it’s a smart trainer that needs an external power source. Sorry not sure if that’s what you mean!

Yes, I know. Auto correct keeps changing it. Based off of my understanding, a power meter pairs to the trainer via ant plus. Then, the trainer can pair to Zwift through either Bluetooth or ant+. Which of those are you experiencing issues with? And have you tried the other option?

Oh, right, sorry didn’t know! Yes, so I’ve switched the power meter back to ANT via the Edge 530, but selecting the power source still gives the option of Rollr or three other ones including the the XC Rally.

So I know the Rollr is what I select under “Controllable,” so I figure, I will select the Rally as my power source and give it a try. I have just heard that when you pair a power meter, the Rollr “becomes” the power source? Have you heard about that? By the way thanks for all the help so far :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I am not too familiar with the Rollr, but I’ll try my best to help :slight_smile: Do you mind sending a few screenshots of what the pairing screen looks like? Based off of what I am reading, the Rollr should be able to pair to a power meter(which you have done and have had success doing), then it should broadcast to Zwift via either Ant+ or Bluetooth. Both should work, and if one doesn’t, I’d recommend trying the other. You can also try pairing to the Wahoo app to make sure it is an issue with the trainer rather than an issue with the software. The Rollr should take over as the main power source though, renaming the original power meter to something like “Rollr 194382(I think you get the point)”

Good call! I would love to, but here in Toronto it’s my bedtime lol, but I will definitely post some tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks again mate, have a great night!