Cadence but no power

Hi all! I’ve got a kickr Rollr and Garmin XC100 pedals. I connect the XC100 as the power source and the cadence and the Rollr as controllable, but when I pedal the cadence shows, but my wattage is zero and I don’t “move” in the game!

Another thing I am unsure of is should I set my power source as the Rollr? Both the XC and the Rollr are options for power sources. I heard an external power meter, after being paired to the Rollr, turns the Rollr into the power meter?

Does anyone have any advice on this? Thanks mates, and happy holidays :smiley:

I would suggest keeping the pedals as your power source. What device are you pairing them to to run Zwift? Please list all the information you can about your setup.

Will do! I have the Kickr Rollr, the XC100 power meter, an Edge 530, and a heart rate monitor. I also have an ANT + Dongle, and I run Zwift on my laptop, which has Bluetooth capability. I calibrated the XCs on the Edge 530, and set the crank length. I also paired the XC100 to the Rollr in the Wahoo Fitness app.


I assume this is why Zwift can’t get the info from the pedals, you need to let Zwift connect to everything and close out all other apps/connections.

If using ANT+ on the laptop, make sure to choose the FE-C option.

Right - great point, but I forgot to mention, that after I paired them together, but then I closed the app and turned off my tablet. I did bring that up though to demonstrate that the Kickr did in fact recognize the power meter, which I thought was important due to the theory of the Rollr itself being the power source, which is seeming less likely.