Power way off

My set up is a Wahoo Kickr Snap. I use an iPad for Zwift and have the companion app on my phone. I have the 4iiii HRM which I’ve tried to sync with my Garmin cadence sensor (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t). The main issue is that my wattage is way off. Yesterday I did a social ride (C group). I was pedaling super easy, but ZWIFT showed 180+ WATTS and I kept going off the front of the group, my heart rate never got above 120 which was accurate (as per my perceived exertion)

When I log in to ZWIFT I have the Kickr paired as the power source and the controllable trainer, and the 4iiii as the HRM and cadence. Is that correct? Or should the 4iiii be the power source too, Or ???

I welcome any suggestions about how to improve my set-up and get accurate readings so I can enjoy ZWIFT. I don’t really care about the numbers but don’t want to be perceived as a sandbagger and I want to be able to get a solid consistent work out. Thx!

Hi @Gturtel welcome to Zwift forums

The 4iiii Viiiiva HRM has a setup quirk that you should know about. Please see the instructions on our Support Hub and let us know if that gets it sorted?

This is correct. You may want to double check your setup with the Snap. Wheel on trainers aren’t as accurate and can depend on how they are installed with the rear wheel. Make sure the tire pressure is full per the manufacturer’s recommendation, and you have the correct amount of pressure applied from the roller on the Snap to the rear wheel.

Not familiar with wahoo, but is there a wahoo phone app? Can you check what the trainer is telling your wahoo app and see if it’s the same as being reported to Zwift?