Wahoo KICKR Snap with Stages power meter

I have a Wahoo Kickr Snap that pairs on startup. Zwift also allows me to connect to my HR as expected. In the setup screen there are no other ‘fields’ on the bottom for a different power meter, I want to use my stages crank. The crank also has a cadence sensor that I would love to utilize within the app. 


So far I’ve been only able to ride with the Snap and my HR monitor, not sure if the Snap has built in powermeter (I think not), so it’s guessing my output (on the low side if you ask me hehe). 


How do I get this setup to work properly? Any tips welcome. I tried on both the Mac and on Windows laptop btw.

Ok so I’m just a bit dense I think, I figured it out. The top left option is to pick power source, and there I could pick my stages. Beat today, will test it tomorrow.

How does the stages power compare with the snap power?  I just got a snap and it’s power reading seems really low for the effort I’m putting out.  I don’t have an independent way of verifying like you do !  Also, I just finished 2 laps on Watopia and I calibrated the snap in the middle.  Power readings seemed more realistic before calibration ! Have you noticed anything like this (probably not if you use the stages meter).  Cheers