Zwift, Kickr & Stages: do they work together?

Does anybody have experience with the combined use of a Wahoo Kickr Snap and a Stages power meter on Zwift? So the Snap for the resistance and the Stages for the power measurement?

I tried out a Kickr Snap last year and wanted to set up this combination, but I coudn’t get it to work in that short amount of time. Before I buy a new smart trainer this fall, I would like to be sure that my preferred set-up works.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Absolutely. You can use any power meter as your power source and use your smart trainer - in this case the KICKR SNAP - for resistance control.

Is that answer 100% accurate Scott?

I agree that it works you are “free riding” and I have successfully tested this myself this week.

There has however been no update from Zwift on the following issue for many months. This issue relates to using the power meter power when in “workout mode” as opposed to “free riding” mode.


Yeah, that would make the synergy between smart trainer power meter complete. I hope Zwift will implement that pretty soon. Okay, thanks guys!