Power Meter Resistance Bug

I’m using a Kickr V5 as my trainer but prefer to use either my Quarq or Stages as my power + cadence. One thing I can’t seem to solve is that when I get to the main screen where I select the power source/speed sensor/resistance. For whatever reason Zwift is unable to find the Kickr as a resistance source unless I select the kickr for power first. once i do that I can then select the kickr as resistance and change power/cadence source back to stages/quarq but it will not “see” the kickr for resistance unless selected for power. anyone else get this?

I think Zwift has worked like this forever

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understand but is this intended behavior?

Hi @EvanT, thank you for your question! I’m Gian from Zwift.

Yes, this is the normal process/intended behavior for pairing a power meter with a direct drive trainer.

Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.

Pair your power meter directly to kickr via Wahoo app.

thx and appreciate it!