kickr + quarq together

(Allan Watkins) #1

Anyone know if I can use the kickr for power and quarq for cadence together or is there any issues with it done quarq does both?

(Gary Randolph(BTC)) #2

I did it today!!!

(Gary Randolph(BTC)) #3

Kickr power and quark cadence, that is…

(Allan Watkins) #4

Thanks bud! I am getting a kickr shipped in as my xmas present and was hoping there wouldn’t be any weird issues like that.

(Scott) #5

No weird issues - I run that setup as well. Next year we’ll add the ability to use your power meter as the power source and still control the KICKR resistance. Currently, the limitation is that you have to use the KICKR for power in order for Zwift to control it’s resistance.

(Frode Vullum [V]) #6

This will be a nice feature. Looking forward to that even though my kickr vs stages wattage is withing a few watts of each other. I have tested a beta release of the wahoo kickr firmware paired with a app that is called wahooligan I think it was called(some sort of clone of kickr fitness app) where you could do this. Only drawback I found was in ERG mode where the kickr adjusted a bit more slowly to my changes in cadence than if you where using the kickr’s internally wattage.

(Paul Joyce) #7

Where did you find the wahooligan app? I’m running the beta firmware on Kickr

(Frode Vullum [V]) #8

(. KennyMo) #9

Has the Feature Scott B referenced been added as of yet and if so is that the optimal configuration to use your power meter as the power source to control your kickr resistance?  Please proved detail setup on what devices get paired to device types in Zwift (ie smart trainer pairing, cadence pairing, power pairing etc.)