Allow/remember power meter as cadence source

If I use my Quarq as my cadence and my trainer (Kickr) as my power source/controllable device, I have to first pair with the Quarq as my power source, then select it as my cadence source, then re-pair the Kickr as my power source. Why can’t Zwift allow me to search for a power meter as a cadence source unless it is selected as a power source first? Likewise, if I select the Quarq as my power source, I can’t search for my Kickr as a controllable device until I select the Kickr as my power source. Shouldn’t these items be something you can search for and select independently?



This is currently how the system is designed to work. When pairing a Power Meter or Smart Trainer with multiple properties it must first be paired as Power before Cadence or Control will be able to pair.

Why is it designed to work like this with bluetooth but not Ant+?

Something to do with how the FTMS protocol works. I don’t know the technical nitty gritty about it but when adding FTMS support for all devices that use it, this became the expected behavior