Powermeter and ERG mode

Hi there, i currently have my Quarg powermeter on my bike - but whenever i want to engage ERG mode it will not work. I have tried various things, bluetooth, ANT connection but it will just not enage the ERG mode.
My trainer is a Kickr v5. For sure ERG mode works flawless when i am using the Powermeter on the trainer itself… any ideas or other people who have had problems with this?

When pairing the Quark as ‘power’, are you also pairing the Kickr as ‘controllable’?

Now called “resistance”

Really? :thinking: I guess it’s been a while since I’ve had to pair my devices! :laughing:

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Yeah, they changed it so not to confuse with the play “controls” pairing widget.

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There is only the option of choosing Wahoo as ‘Resistance’

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A friend of mine have the same setup and it works for him on Zwift. It will engage ERG mode. The strange thing is that i can also engage ERG mode when i am only using the Wahoo trainer app and selects the Quarg power meter.

As per Mike’s reply, above, what used to be called‘Controllable’ is now called ‘Resistance’. Give that a shot.

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Just to be clear, after you sign in, you get to the pairing screen. I think Zwift defaults to the last setup you had - in my case, power is measured from my Kickr Core, and the resistance is set to Kickr Core as well. You just need to click on the resistance button before Zwift decides to go to the main page.