Using pedal power meter vs trainer

I’m finding large discrepancies between my pedal mounted vector power meters and my wahoo kickr snap. I understand that the snap needs to be calibrated before every ride and also after a 10 minute warm up. Not very convenient at all.

Wondering if there is any downside to using my pedals for the meter and the snap for the controllable for resistance. Been doing that for the last few rides, seems okay and even the ERG mode works but am I missing something?

Wheel on trainers are known for being less accurate and also being difficult to keep calibrated. The pedals are likely to be closer to an accurate reading.

You should see no issue with using pedals for power input and the trainer for resistance control. I use a stages crank arm and tacx flux for resistance and have no problems.

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The Snap is subject to the vagaries of tire pressure, clamp pressure, etc. Your pedals are much more consistent. That is how I did it when I was riding the Snap.