"ZSpeed" with a Smart Trainer? Option?

My friends, hello and good afternoon! I have a Kickr Snap I plan on setting up again, and I’m very much looking forward to getting back on Zwift!

I can’t keep calibrating the Snap, as you need to reach a speed that causes a small strain on my diseased heart; it’s not that my heart will explode, but I just can’t exert that much strength every time I want to ride - sometimes 2x per day!

I was looking into a power meter so I would not have to calibrate the Snap, but the only one I could find in my budget was the PowerPod, which as I understand, would not work very well indoors - as such, I was wondering if it is an option to use my Snap to increase resistance on slopes, and use my Wahoo Blue speed and cadence sensor as my preferred way to measure “power” even if is is “just” ZPower… I know it’s not perfect, but is it possible to specifically use a speed/cadence sensor as my power source even with a smart trainer?

Thanks so much, you legends, I hope you’re all having a fantastic day!

If it’s compatible with your crankset (needs to be a Shimano Hollowtech II iirc, which covers Claris+ for at least the last five years iirc), these 4iiii Precision 2s are a steal at ~£185, due to v3 being released recently.

I paid heck of a lot more than that four years ago for mine that is still going strong.

No kidding! I love when newer models “replace” an already great product - thanks for the heads up, and I hope you’re having an amazing day :smiley:

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i had the same problem with a Saris although i could do it, but enough was enough… My admittedly more expensive sloution was to buy a Tacx Neo T2 which self calibrates. there are some other benefits to the Neo and if your budget permits it will solve the problem.


Is there anyone else in the household that could calibrate it for you? Spouse, kid, roommate, neighbor?

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If your looking at riding up to twice a day I would just invest in a DD smart trainer. You would get a lot more benefits plus most places have them on offer at the mo and if you sell your snap it might not cost much more than fitting a power meter


If the Snap is working well in a stable temperature environment, just do not calibrate. It may drift over time but maybe you will be stronger by then and can do it.

Otherwise ask a friend to do it. In your situation having exact power is not critical.

Other options are to look for used power pedals or even a used rear powerhub wheel…that would work great with the Snap. Something like this: CYCLEOPS G3 POWER TAP  HUB POWER METER 700C  WHEEL SET | eBay (I think…I never used a hub…skipped right to the power meter pedals)

Power P1…I have and have used for years: Powertap P1 Dual Sided Power Meter Cycling Pedals with Cleats 12527013920 | eBay

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I don’t know how this fits with your budget, but the Snap still has pretty good resale value, and if you add the resale value of the Snap to the cost of a separate power meter, you’re more than halfway to a decent direct drive trainer, which will work better for you in the long run. You’re worth it!

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My friends - truly a big thanks to each and everyone of you for your great, helpful responses! I have decided to bust out my Flow Smart - as it does not require daily calibration. This has come with a new set of problems lol, but I can assure you that one day (hopefully soon) I will be back riding with you all.

Thank you all again, and I hope you’re all having a fantastic evening!!