Connection appears good speed drops out

Hello all I’ve been having an intermittent issue where power, cadence, HR connections all are working and appear solid then speed drops out completely. Sometimes it will comeback after a few seconds other time I have exit the game. Running Zwift on Win 11 pc, connecting to Tacx Neo 2T primarily by BT. Also connect to HR and Zwift Play. Have also set USB so PC cannot shut of to conserve power. Recently have removed and reinstalled Zwift. Have 2 small remote control fans, but issue has occurred when they are powered off. Any suggestions appreciated.

Try it with Zwift Play turned off

Install the Zwift Play 1.3.0 firmware update whenever it’s available to you - currently being rolled out so you may not have it yet

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Thanks Paul, wondered if there was a ZPlay connection. Will give it a go.

Still have the same issue. On occasion all connections seem solid, yet speed drop to Zero. Disconnect Zwift Play and can pedal and generate speed again. Have updated Zwift Play firmware. Appears Play is the culprit. Okay

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