Connecting Whoop to Zwift HR

Hi, I have Zwift setup via ant+ and am trying to connect my Whoop HR to it but it’s not picking it up. Is this because it needs to be set up via Bluetooth? I have set my whoop to share the HR and is picked up on my wahoo but not in paired devices on Zwift and is not searchable

Hi @Liam_Salkeld welcome to Zwift forums.

Let me start by saying I’m not familar with Whoop. Assuming that it broadcasts in an open standard of Bluetooth LE and / or ANT+, the Zwift game app should be able to pick it up. If it’s a proprietary flavor of Bluetooth - it may only connect to a limited number of approved apps.

Also: what device are you running the Zwift game app on? If that device lacks ANT capability, it won’t see the ANT+ signal from your whoop. Most iOS mobile devices, macOS, and Windows laptops don’t have in-built ANT radios. Some Android devices do have ANT capability, but you may have to install drivers for it to work.

Lastly - if you’re pairing via Bluetooth LE - most BLE transmitters can only pair to one reciever at at a time. So if it’s already bonded to your Wahoo computer head - the signal is not available to the Zwift app.

This is the reason as you stated. The Whoop Strap broadcasts HR data via BLE and as @shooj mentioned BLE devices are a 1 to 1 connection. So once it is picked up by your wahoo head unit it’s unavailable to be picked up by Zwift.

Remove it from your wahoo head unit and in the Zwift pairing screen you should see it as long as the device you Zwift on has BLE capabilities.