Connecting JetBlack Whisper?


I have an old second hand Jet Black trainer.
I have also mounted a Garmin Edge 605 speed and cadence sensor to my bike.


  1. My Gaemin Fenix 6 is now connected to the cadence sensor
  2. Zwift is picking up a device “Bion_CSC46”
  3. Zwift says it is connected to a speed sensor and cadence sensor “Bion_CSC46”
  4. Zwift is not reading a speed or cadence on this connect device
  5. My Garmin fenix 6 is reading the cadence from the Garmin sensor


  1. I dont have back wheel so cant use the speed sensor on the garmin cadence/speed sensor
  2. Jet Black Whisper is not one of the Jetblack options to select under trainers
  3. I have no idea if or how to connect my Garmin Fenix 6 to Zwift but i still wont have speed or power
  4. Zwift does not detect the Garmin speed/cadence sensor. Probably too old (±10year old)

Is there a solution as I cant go buy a new sensor during this lock down?

Hi @Darryl_Opie

Welcome to the forums.

What device do you use for Zwift.

Garmin speed sensors is usually ANT+, check if yours is ANT+ and Bluetooth.

Do you have the Jet black Whisper or the Smart?

See if your trainer has the speed sensor.

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Thanks for the reply.
Yes, it looks like it does although will have to cut cable ties to see it properly.
Do you know what it would be called on Bluetooth?

I am seeing a device called “Bion_SCS” on Bluetooth. Dont know if this is the Garmin or the Jet Black but I think it is the Jet Black sensor.


I don’t know what it is called.

What do you use for Zwift?

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That’'s the problem. ’

I cant get Zwift to work. No speed or power or cadence so park on the side of the road and watch everyone else having fun.

Zwift is detecting the Bion_SCS and connects but does not pick up a signal even while i pedal

Can you post a screenshot of your Zwift Pairing screen with your sensors connected and you are pedaling.

Attached as requested.
I tried all the JetBlack options and you will see in this image I have selected “Not Listed” trainer as the Whisper is not an option

O it look like you are using Windows to Zwift.

Can you do a search for a power source.

You also need to unpair/forget the sensor from your phone and computer in the computer settings. .

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