Heart rate monitoring problems

Hi There :+1: I’m new to Zwift and I’m having trouble connecting my heart rate. At the moment I’m using and iPhone 12 stuck to the handle bars, Garmin Fenix 5x plus set to broadcast heart rate and the JetBlack volt v2 trainer. I have the watch set to broadcast my heart rate but all that shows up in the Zwift heart rate orange square is the volt trainer? It doesn’t seem to be able to connect to the Garmin watch. I’ve even tried my Garmin chest strap from my Garmin edge 520 but still nothing. I’m using apple AirPods for hearing, I just can’t work out why the watch won’t connect? Does anyone have any idea what is going wrong here? Even when I do a indoor cycling activity on the Garmin I still have nothing to connect to in Zwift? Do I have to many Bluetooth things going at the same time. Soon I will be using an iPad. Thanks guys…Cam

Your Garmin Fenix 5x apparently does not broadcast heart rate via Bluetooth (only ANT+). The Fenix 6 and 7 do support Bluetooth broadcast.

The Jetblack Volt can have a Bluetooth HRM paired and relay that to Zwift, but not via ANT+.

The iPhone does not support ANT+. So I think you need a Bluetooth HRM. Even a cheap one will do.


@Paul_Southworth Thank you Paul I now understand what is going on here. I will get I chest strap to use. I just couldn’t work it out and need a bit of help. Thanks

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The yellow Garmin chest strap (which has Bluetooth and ant+) is quite decent.

Thanks Chris I will start looking to get one :+1: @Chris_Denton_LACC