Jet black Whisperdrive

Hi there Team

I just upgraded from an on wheel magnetic non smart trainer which I have been using since I started with Zwift to a Jet Black Whisperdrive non smart direct drive trainer. I have installed the speed sensor which seems to be working find & left my bluetooth cadence sensor on the crank.
I had a successful ride this morning & love the feel of the trainer (no noise) & completed a 35km ride. Strange but my ride on Zwift is only showing 22km & it didn’t upload to Strava which it has always done any other time. My ride was showing as 35km as I was finishing on the screen.
What trainer are people selecting in the trainer options for the Whisperdrive?

Hi @Roy_Ford welcome to Zwift forums.

Jetblack’s Whisperdrive trainer itself is noted as not broadcasting BLE or ANT+ on Zwift’s list of supported trainers. I guess there’s an add-on speed sensor now?

Have you asked JetBlack for their support? Curious what they may have said?

Yes thanks for the suggestion. I emailed Jetblack today