Jet Black Whisper Drive


When is the Jet Black Whisper drive gong to be on the supported list of trainers?

Other than selecting the “non Listed trainer” as a setting, what other trainer is the closest compatibility to the Whisper Drive?


We have no plans to support the Whisperdrive at this time. It’s a direct drive trainer without a specialty sensor we can adapt, so you’ll always need a power meter.

There is also no “close” trainer when it comes to zPower, so you’ll need to select Not Listed to ride in Zwift.

That’s a shame.  It comes with a Jet Black speed and cadence sensor.


What type of power meter is recommended?  They seem to cost as much if not more than the trainer itself.

If I have to use other trainer for jet black whisper drive, is there any way to check if the speed/power reading is remotely right?