Confused about volcano route lead in

I am new, so no doubt this I am missing something, but I know the volcano route has a lead in, but when I start the ride, I am placed at the beginning of the bridge near the volcano, away from town. Do I need to do a u-turn and go to town to do another u-turn to go under the arch, do the entire circuit and come back into town to complete the challenge? I cannot seem to get the volcano route to record completion?

Which volcano route? For the volcano circuit, see

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This animation helps, I see where I was going wrong. I thought I had to end by going back over the bridge again, this shows that is not the case. Thanks.

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There’s been some confusion about where certain routes actually end (see Nearly every route has a lead-in section that can be up to a few miles long, Badges optimisation Volcano circuit is a nice & easy example.