Volcano KOM endless loop (Noob question)

Hi, I’ve done about 4 rides now on Zwift on routes over various worlds. I did one this afternoon on Watopia, did a loop that involved KOM on the Volcano area but it kept making me do the same KOM loop, I’d already done it twice and it looked like i was going to do it again.

I hadn’t set my phone as the companion app so couldn’t change directions, previously I’d just follow the set route without having to use the app, should I have stayed on the route I was taking or was I on an endless loop of volcano KOM ?

Thanks in advance.

If you are using a pc, you can change directions with the arrow keys on your keyboard. You even get a bade for pulling a u-turn with the down arrow. Not that there is a time window in which you can input the direction change (other than u-turn).

Thanks for the reply but I guessed that I wouldn’t need to do anything if I was on a set route.

Once you finish the chosen route you begin to do laps of it. So if you dont make any manual turns you’ll just keep going around/up the volcano. Similarly if you choose the jungle circuit or the flat route for example, you will keep doing laps until you manually turn or end your ride.

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Ok but I never went back to the beginning just kept doing a KOM Loop around the volcano.

Thanks for replying

The beginning of the route/lap is at the banner inside the volcano, not where you spawned in the game. All routes have a lead-in from where you spawn to the beginning of the actual route. This causes a lot of confusion.

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Thanks again. I was confused as the previous routes I’d gone back to the same place eventually.