Volcano KOM Hill Repeats for Group Rides and Meetups

I would love a “hill repeats” route that combines the Volcano Circuit with the Volcano KOM. Blast up the KOM, take a lap around the circuit to recover, and then blast up again, infinitely, or until you die from it.

There is currently no such option, which is a bummer for group rides or Meetups, since you cannot alter the route. It seems odd to me that we have the Volcano Circuit and CCW, but no circuit + KOM. It seems such an obvious winner that I’m wondering if there is some other prohibitive factor.

I brought this up on Facebook to overwhelming support in favor of this route for Watopia, and many people volunteering that they already ride exactly this route by turning manually onto the KOM climb after each loop of the circuit. Unfortunately, the mechanics of group rides and Meetups do not permit us to alter the route, so I am asking for Zwift to create this route using the existing roads. It really seems like it would be extremely trivial to implement, and would be warmly received by the ridership.

@Vincent_Williams1 can you see if there is a way to put this in the ear of anyone who might listen at Zwift HQ and make this happen for us? I’m not asking for new roads or new maps - just the addition of the label and autopilot for this route.

Thank you very much for your time.