Climb portal in events

love the climb portal.

I would very much like to have the possibility of creating meetups or events, or club events at the climb portal to have a group ride.

that’s it, keep devving, you rock.

So it was available for a few weeks when you guys launched the new routes.
then they got removed

Just why?

we have a group event and we go around all the koms in zwift. From september to now, we have touched almost every kom out there, INCLUDING the portal. I’ll tell you, it takes a really creative mindset to find climbs or climb repeats that can be used in events

Could you please please please bring that back? I feel like that’s a tick on the available routes and done. \insert big eyes cat gif here/

Thanks for your time

Is it possible to create a meetup for the Old La Honda climb? When I select France in the companion app, Old La Honda is not selectable. My friends and I are super excited about doing a meet up for that legendary climb.

Thank you

It’s not a conventional route so I’m afraid that the answer is that you can’t. But it would be great if Zwift added this capability.

Thank you for your reply! That is a huge bummer.
Do you know if the Old La Honda climb will remain available indefinitely?


No, it will rotate every month in France, Watopia rotates more frequently.

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That’s totally unfortunate. I would do that climb 3 or more times per week! I hope Zwift comes up with some way to access these climbs on demand. I don’t care about the graphics as much.

Yes, I would like the ability to select the climb portals in meetups and club events, too.