Custom GPX in Climb (or Other) Portal

Hello, Presumably Zwift built the climb portal to be able to quickly and easily use GPX data to allow users to do infamous climbs like Tourmalet, etc. What if you could use the same “portal system” to import a custom GPX that you could ride in another portal?

importing a custom gpx has been requested many time, cant see it being on the zwift radar

Thanks for the reply. I know it’s been requested a ton of times, and guess I was just wondering out loud if the portal environment could make this feature far easier to implement than before.

I’m sure it would but they haven’t shared any plans for that. I imagine they have discussed it but we probably won’t hear anything unless and until it happens.

If the idea was to just allow someone to import a gpx and do a solo ride within Zwift, I can’t say I’m massively enthused by the idea.

I’d be “more interested” if this resulted in some form of community-filled list that we could upload and share notable climbs/routes and have those populated in game for anyone to ride (though I could write chapter and verse about user-generated-content and low-effort-submissions in video games).

Honestly though, I’d have no complaints if the climb portal was just filled with ZwiftHQ created climbs that was kept up to date with thematic segments following the world tour.

Appreciate the thoughts Colin and I agree. I would encourage Zwift to continue to update the existing Climb Portal with notable climbs currently being featured on the World Tour. What I’m proposing would be for solo rides in Zwift for those who (1) are accustomed to and enjoy doing longer rides alone - crazy, I know, (2) would like an opportunity to prepare for specific races where a GPX has been made available ahead of time, and (3) typically use Zwift because they are limited in terms of local routes or due to life events - not because of it’s social aspect or platform. Believe me though, I can appreciate how mundane it would be for most people to solo ride a rainbow stripe through the sky based on an imported GPX… I’m proposing it primarily as a training tool and for race prep.

I can also appreciate that this will likely never happen because Zwift places such an emphasis on it being social. For example, how they incentivize group rides via drops, etc.

I agree. Let your gpx upload be visible to all!

An alternative that keeps the social side of Zwift would be to be able to upload a GPX that modifies the gradient profile of an active route, only for you, without any graphic modification…

I made hundreds of magic roads on RGT, and a key thing there was GPX quality. If you don’t very carefully tune the smoothness and point density of the GPX, the rendered quality in game can be very poor. There’s a web-based app, “GPXMagic”, which was specifically designed for this purpose, and I wrote a Perl code I put on GitHub (“processGPX”) which also improved GPX route quality.

So it’s not an every-user thing.

I would hope a platform would take up the task now that RGT is dead, but I don’t expect it to be Zwift.