Importing GPX courses

It would be a really cool feature to be able to import GPX routes into Zwift to make ride on familiar routes. It could automatically create the basic route with track and elevation information and simply roadside filling (just being able to select if the road in mainly grass, lots of trees or more rocky)

I don’t t believe they’d do that for the simple reason that it would fly against the “real road” Strava segments. I’m sure it can be done with any GPX file. I’m able to do that on the computrainer but the performance doesn’t save as a fit file so it can’t upload to Strava.

That would be awesome, to have your favorite outdoor route indoor as well!

Also some integration against Google maps, to be able to create custom routes from that (since Google maps contains elevation data)…

There are climbs in upcoming race which I would like to practice ahead of time, so I know where to sit in, where to attack, etc.  Logging this as a Virtual Ride in Strava will overcome the above mentioned issue.

In short…simulate the gradient from GPX/Strava data, draw some generic roads and add some virtual riders.  Thanks!

practice a race course in a virtual world? why not skip racing outside altogether and just race indoors virtually?

what’s next? bikes without shifter cables? bikes without brake cables or cables of any sort?



Being able to import a GPX file into the workout creator and have it create the elevation profile would be awesome!

@Michael.  I don’t really get the whole racing indoors thing, so you won’t find me there. A lot of the climbs here in Asia make riding up the European mountains seem like a walk in the park, so it really helps to know the undulations if you want to be competitive against local guys who train on these roads all the time.

BKool simulator does exactly this already, but yes, it’d be great if Zwift also had this functionality!

the downside of having lots of routes to choose from is that you may end up being the only person riding your route.

Zwift is social, so letting everybody ride in their own personal route/world doesn’t connect people.

I’ve tried BKool, sure, lots of choices, but you totally end up riding alone all the time, which is no fun :frowning:

Another vote for allowing me to import a course.  I can already simulate the ride using a smart trainer and my Garmin, but I would just assume look at Zwift stuff while I’m “previewing” a race course that I won’t be within a thousand miles of before the week of the race.

You can do that in Cyclops.

I have started Sportives in the UK and find it hard in a built up city to train. The ability to upload a GPX file would be perfect to help me train for events. So thumbs up for this feature in a future release.