Upload gpx file

It would be great to be able to upload a gpx file of your favourite rides to simulate in Zwift as you can with some of your competitor platforms.

There is this option: https://whatsonzwift.com/gpx-to-zwift-workout/

Thanks Paul, appreciated. However I tried this yesterday but couldn’t find my route on the platform. So I contacted Zwift and they confirmed this feature is not available!

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I just gave another option, I know that it would not create an entirely new route on Zwift.

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If you use the GPX to Zwift it will create a workout with the the inclines and workout blocks. the gpx file wont become a new route.

OK, I’m being dumb…where do I find it on the platform?

You will not find a route, it will create a workout with the elevation profile of the .gpx file that you uploaded, you can use any existing route within Zwift to ride it.

It will not create an entirely new route based on the .gpx, all of Zwift routes/courses are created by the Zwift team.

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After you created the workout from the GPX file you have to upload it to your workouts folder in Zwift. Then you will go to the workouts in zwift and you should see it there.


Hi, can this be done on the apple tv? is there a guide somewhere to state how to get the workout file into the workouts folder on the ATV?

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I’d like to be able to do this too (on appletv)

@Lee.Dixon and @Cardiff_Sinclair

It would appear based on https://zwiftinsider.com/workout-cloud-sync/

That you will need to get the zwo (zwift workout file) as outlined in the previous comments on an actual computer Mac/pc with zwift on it. Add it to your workouts as outlined in the previous comments and then it will also be on your Apple TV to use (once it has made its way through the cloud).

Then again reading the comments on that article suggest either there is a large lag or it doesn’t actually work.