GPX Data: Exchange and Swap

(Scott) #1

Hi all;
is there any forum where we can exchange GPX data to recreate the experience of other people’s rides in Zwift? I live in New Zealand and won’t get to ride many international routes, but I’d love to pit myself against the GPX profile of some of your favourite rides.


(Paul) #2

I ink this is what you are asking for:

(Scott) #3

Not quite - What I’m wanting is GPX data from other people’s rides that I can convert so that I can train on them (if that makes sense). So taking GPX data from, say, someone’s ride in America and converting it so I can ride the equivalent on my trainer in New Zealand.

(Paul) #4

If your asking if you could use a gpx file to create a new course on Zwift that would be a no, only Zwift can create new routes/courses/worlds on Zwift. You can replicate any gpx file as a workout using the instructions including in the link (you will have to fine a gpx file of the desired ride).

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #5

But if you look for ride gpx files ho to you can find nice routes there. But as Paul said you can only convert it to a workout so it wont have the same scenery as the gpx file.

(Scott) #6

Thank you both - I’ll head to mapmyride. I don’t need the scenery - I was just interested in replicating the power profile to mix up my training.

Thanks for the help - very appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: