GPX Data: Exchange and Swap

Hi all;
is there any forum where we can exchange GPX data to recreate the experience of other people’s rides in Zwift? I live in New Zealand and won’t get to ride many international routes, but I’d love to pit myself against the GPX profile of some of your favourite rides.


I ink this is what you are asking for:

Not quite - What I’m wanting is GPX data from other people’s rides that I can convert so that I can train on them (if that makes sense). So taking GPX data from, say, someone’s ride in America and converting it so I can ride the equivalent on my trainer in New Zealand.

If your asking if you could use a gpx file to create a new course on Zwift that would be a no, only Zwift can create new routes/courses/worlds on Zwift. You can replicate any gpx file as a workout using the instructions including in the link (you will have to fine a gpx file of the desired ride).

But if you look for ride gpx files ho to you can find nice routes there. But as Paul said you can only convert it to a workout so it wont have the same scenery as the gpx file.

Thank you both - I’ll head to mapmyride. I don’t need the scenery - I was just interested in replicating the power profile to mix up my training.

Thanks for the help - very appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: